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Guides to Mictlan Print

Guides to Mictlan Print

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12 x 12 inches 

The Mexican Hairless dog Xoloitzcuintli played a significant role in Precolumbian life. To the ancient Aztec and Maya, man's best friend was also a hairless, ugly-cute healer, occasional food source, and, most importantly, guide to the Underworld. Its purpose was to guard humanity in life, and then guide them after death to reach Mictlan, the Underworld. Xolos were thought to have spiritual powers that kept bad spirits away. Little Xolo figurines have been found in many tombs, and in some excavations, the remains of these dogs also accompany their owners, which supports the theory that some dogs were sacrificed, so that they would accompany their owner to the Land of the Dead.

Colors of the artwork on screen might appear a little different then on the actual item, depending on your screen resolution and calibration.
Please keep this in mind prior to purchase.

Packaged with a Cardboard backing and a clear protective sleeve.
Signed, Open Edition print.

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inkjet print,semigloss paper
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